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We provide our customers a 1 year customer satisfaction guarantee on services we provide, some premium services come with a lifetime guarantee. We utilize electronic invoicing for your safe record keeping.

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We do Not accept cashiers checks, money orders, travelers checks or home printed / starter checks.

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FACT: According to Google source: In the United States there are more than 164,000 injuries (emergency room visits) and 300 deaths resulting from ladder falls reported annually. The actual number of injuries is believed to be a lot higher due to non reported accidents. The statistics show the vast majority are homeowners lacking experience on ladders and some are inexperienced (rookies) workers utilizing unsafe practices. Using a ladder once or twice a year does Not qualify someone as experienced in anything. People who use a ladder everyday are considered experienced.

When you hire someone to work on your home and they lack experience, injure themselves and are not FULLY Insured, You the homeowner will be paying All of their medical bills and you'll be fortunate if their attorney doesn't sue you for pain & suffering if they survive. trying to save a couple bucks is not worth it.

Please see gathered data snippet below photos for more information.

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rain gutter cleaning service in Clarksville, Tn.

According to the National Board of Insurers:

We are currently the only exterior cleaning company in Montgomery county and surrounding community townships that is 100% compliant with the financial responsibility act and is Fully insured to protect employees, homeowners and business interest for any liability due to any actions by us.

It's just the right thing to do.

These three men also thought they had everything under control (don't we all) until they didn't, no problem right. One little mistake or misstep or distraction is all it takes and your day just went from good to real bad in the blink of an eye. Just don't do it! It's not worth it to save a couple bucks. leave it to the pros who do it everyday.

There is NO such thing as a safe ladder, they don't exist. 

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House washing, pressure washing and rain gutter cleaning services near me in Clarksville, TN. and the surrounding Communities.

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Gutter cleaning service in Clarksville, Tn.

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​​​​​Exterior cleaning: House Soft Washing & ​​​​​​Pressure Washing Services, House Washing Services, and gutter cleaning services in Clarksville, Tn.


There's more to rain gutter cleaning than just removing the debris from within the gutters, but that's all you'll get when others gives you a low ball cost to perform this service just to get you on the hook.

A low ball quote = a low quality service, keep that in mind.


9 out of 10 times you'll have to call them back out because your gutters are still overflowing with rain water and who really wants that hassle, besides you'll be lucky if they even are willing to come back out without charging you again for something they should have done the first time.

We hear these same stories everyday from new customers we acquire. They we're told by the last guys "ooh, that's not included" and "ooh, that's gonna cost you extra".

Their rookie mistakes will end up costing you more money, time and the aggravation of it all and that's just not right!

We have simplified the entire process for our customers.

When you're spending your hard earned money, a company shouldn't make things difficult for you. It's supposed to be easy.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Snippet from internet Insurance lab blog we found.

FACT: ......when you hire someone to work on your home or property and they lack the necessary experience, injure themselves and are not FULLY Insured, You the homeowner will be paying All of their medical bills and you'll be fortunate if their attorney doesn't sue you for pain & suffering (most always do).

The relationship and/or perception you may have had with or of someone you hire to service your home or property will be completely different once an accident and injury occurs if they're not insured. Don't make the mistake thinking they won't take you to court, sue you in an unfriendly like manner and they will win. The system is designed to protect the workers.

Don't hire someone that is not Fully insured just to save a couple bucks or because they're such a nice guy and you've had such a great working relationship with them in the past, that all goes out the window when they get injured. 

Unfortunately, many others will be less than honest and claim to be insured when in fact they have No insurance, some may have general liability which Only covers property damages and not injuries while others will say they are insured and just flat out lying to you just to land the job.

It doesn't hurt to ask for insurance verification, if you don't, it may cost you thousands out of pocket. Your homeowners insurance will not cover it. It could cost you your home by the time their attorney is done. LAW: It is the homeowners responsibility to be 100% sure someone they are hiring to work on their property is Fully insured otherwise the homeowner is responsible for paying for any damages or injuries.

Just asking someone if they are insured doesn't cut it, you actually need to see valid insurance documents to prove it. If you ask for "Proof of Insurance" and they have an excuse for not having it with them, send them packing as fast as you can until they can provide you with the valid proof of insurance. In most cases they are not insured.

Clarksville Exterior Cleaning Solutions-gutter cleaning, gutter guards, gutter services

We are a real company and we think our customers not only deserve to be protected but it is their right to be protected when hiring someone to work on their property.

When you hire Clarksville Exterior Cleaning to handle your gutter cleaning, gutter guards, gutter services or any of your exterior cleaning needs, you can be at rest knowing that we are not just insured, but we are FULLY insured to not only cover accidental damage to your property but we are also covered under our Workers Comp policy for any injuries or death. Our crew leaders carry copies of current and Fully compliant insurance documentation as valid "Proof of Insurance".

She's really regretting him taking on this gutter cleaning chore now. Besides the likely injury of a broken leg, hip and concussion, it likely cost them a lot more now than if they would have just hired a professional to do it.

It doesn't matter what gender or age group you fall under, this displayed technique among others always end in a real bad way. Just don't try it and please don't allow anyone you know or love attempt a task requiring a ladder. As mentioned above, there is NO such thing as a safe ladder regardless of what the manufacturer advertises.

Gutter cleaning service near me in Clarksville, Tn.

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The photos below may be amusing to some, we're using them as an example only. Nothing more tragic than seeing someone you love in this position. It's just not worth it. Leave this gutter cleaning chore to the Pros that do it everyday and are well rehearsed. You'll be glad you did!

​​Rain gutter cleaning services in Clarksville Tennessee and the surrounding communities.

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It's not Our first day on the job.

At Clarksville Exterior Cleaning, we provide our team members with the proper training they need so they are able to provide our customers with a service that is completed properly the first time.

Our services are streamlined and are performed in a methodical manner to assure that they are performed properly the first time, every time.

Our regular rain gutter service includes what all rain gutter maintenance service should include which is the basics.

Our basic service includes removing the leaves and limbs from the gutters, assuring all downspouts are not clogged and free-flowing and as we go, we visually inspect all gutter fasteners. We tighten any loose fasteners and replace any missing fasteners at no extra charge             .

We collect and bag all of the debris as we go and we haul it away for proper disposal. We will never throw the debris from your rain gutters onto your lawn, landscape or concrete.

Ever wished there was an easy button?

You're in luck, we created one for you. 

Exterior home cleaning and sanitization service in Clarksville Tennessee.

Our cleaning solutions kill algae, mold (fungi), insects and most viruses including Coronavirus.